A downloadable game

Mixtape Hero is a small game idea developed as a small pet project for a few weeks. Initially, the plan had been to create a small prototype in just a few days, but development took a turn towards a bigger project with more potential. As it is, it is still in an early phase of development, quite obviously. Whether or not development will continue remains to be seen. However, it is being currently released as a completely free demo, and I hope it is enjoyed as such.

If any bugs are experienced, contact robertsforrest25@gmail.com or send a message on angrylobstergames.tumblr.com and it will be patched ASAP

Also, hit up our facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Angry-Lobster-Games/758709574245844?fref=ts

Install instructions

Simply download and run the .exe. No installations, no setups, no bullshit required.


Mixtape Hero 3 MB